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The Great Swandoodles Baby Muslin Blankets

Cuski Great Swandoodle - Heart Of An Angel ~ Sold Out!


Cuski Great Swandoodle - Heart Of An Angel ~ Sold Out!

Stock Status: Sold Out
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The Great Swandoodle By Cuski has now won 3 awards and shortlisted for another award with Mother & Baby. #BestMuslinEver
Introducing The Great Swandoodle – the largest (140 x 140cm) Multi-Use luxury bamboo muslin for Mama & Baby available! This is the Creme De La Creme of all GIANT muslins.

*Exciting News: Using the Great Swandoodles & Mini Swandoodles has reduced flair ups with children/babies who have allergies/asthma/eczema. 

Made from 100% bamboo rayon which is ultra soft and breathable, The Great Swandoodle has a wide range of uses:
Baby shawl

Baby swaddle
Baby essential

A must-have for car, train or air journeys as light cover
Light enough to fit in hand luggage for use as a cover while travelling
Modesty cover while nursing
And is perfect for daytime snuggle while you’re chilling…!

Size: 55 inches x 55 inches ~ 140 cm x 140 cm
Wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine
Supplied in a gift box

Bamboo rayon has anti-bacterial qualities which makes it perfect for baby and temperature regulating properties, it will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat! Beneficial to sensitive skin. Made for all year round use.
Available in 8 gorgeous exclusive designs - new collections coming soon!
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lana - US, Florida

The best swaddle i ever purchased, have lots of Aden Anais, but those are the best,so beautiful, huge and super soft. Got lot of them for my 3 daughters, they love them!Thank you cuski for such a great product

Tanya Camilleri - Oxfordshire

I absolutely love our great swandoodle. The designs are unlike any other muslin I have seen and so pretty. We use ours for loads of things - comforter, blanket, and even for a den! There are so many uses and it is super soft and easy to clean. Definitely worth the money! I have just ordered another for my baby boy bump as big sis won't share hers :)

Hannah - Southampton

The softest I've ever felt. Baby adores the soft feeling and it soothes like nothing else I've found. They wash beautifully again and again and stay soft. They have a multitude of uses and I wouldn't be without them now. I've got 4 different designs so far...... I recommend them to all my mum friends and it's. Ow my go to gift for new mums. Excellent product.

Veronica - Chicago, USA

Cannot get enough of the swandoodle! So incredibly soft and smooth - we have two and I turn to them before any other blankets in the house. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sally B - Chester, Cheshire

Oh my! This has to be the cosiest, softest, most lovely blanket I have ever touched. I bought one for my daughter, and have since bought 3 more! 1 for me (yes! me) and 2 for friends. I just cannot stop touching it, and my baby is happiest when she is snuggled inside it! Thank you for such a fabulous product, will be back!!

Gail - Warwickshire

I love the practicality of Muslins, and came upon the Great Swandoodle by accident. They had an offer on, so I thought I would order one based on reviews and goodness me, one of my best purchases for my newborn. These are so fabulously soft and so big, perfect for swaddling, providing shade and so much more. I loved it so much I purchased a second so I would never be without one. Just fabulous. Recommending to all mummies and mummies to be :) Thank you Cuski x

Linzi - Essex

Love these :-) They are huge and have many different uses. I have used them as a scarf in the winter, to cover my daughter in the car when the sun shades are useless! Used as a picnic blanket, a comforter, to cover her in the puschair as a blanket / sunshade depending on weather!

Love it so much I got 2 and the black ones as well :-)

Chloe - Wiltshire

I got a cuski swandoodle for my daughter and she absolutely loves it!! They are made with beautiful material, So soft and lovely designs. We recently moved house and this helped my daughter massively when moving into her new room, Now She takes it everywhere. We'll worth every penny :)

Anna - Worcestershire

I'm writing this review as I love the swandoodles I have bought. I have all four, they are so soft my little boy is so comfy when being swaddled and cuddled they are the best Muslins I've ever bought, money very well spent.. I've been asked about they swandoodles when I've been out and about and passed all info to strangers as well as friends and family.. I myself was introduced to cuski by a friend and so glad she did.. I've purchased cuski comforters too for my baby and daughter, I think they are a wonderful comforter for children I have now introduced my sister to cuski she loves her swandoodle! I sent her and prince cuski for my new early born nephew.. So thank you team cuski for you wonderful products, looking forward to the new stuff coming soon.. I'm one very happy mommy and cuski addict..xx <3 <3 <3 <3 =)