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Cuski Kids Pillow

The Cuski Kids Pillow (Special!)

The Cuski Kids Pillow (Special!)
The Cuski Kids Pillow (Special!)
The Cuski Kids Pillow (Special!)
The Cuski Kids Pillow (Special!)
The Cuski Kids Pillow (Special!)

The Cuski Kids Pillow (Special!)

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Now includes a bamboo knitted slip
This is not just any pillow- this is a Cuski Kids Pillow ! As featured on Babyology Australia - rounded up as one of the top 5 toddler pillows in the world ! Gold award in childcare! Best for ages between 2 and 10 years old and small adults.


How do toddlers and young children explain pins and needles, pain, and numbness in their growing bodies? By tossing and turning, becoming irritable, tired, crabby... If you want to help alleviate these symptoms in your children, please read on...

After nurturing our babies and giving them the best possible start in life why, when they are ready for their first sleep support, do we give them any old pillow to sleep on? By not giving your child the correct pillow, could cause future neck and back problems leading to sleep deprivation – and not only for your child!

Cuski has developed its first orthopaedic pillow; sized and shaped to give essential neck support for your growing child. It can help to eliminate future neck and back problems, pain, arthritis and poor blood circulation. It also helps to induce a more restful sleep for your child.

This pillow has been created especially to meet the needs of young children from ages 2 years and upwards. Parents, it does make sense to prevent, not create, future back problems in your children.

The neck with its seven sensitive vertebrae, receives little support from a conventional pillow, which is often why we tend to try and “scrunch” the pillow in order to get comfortable.

PREVENTS PINS & NEEDLES in young children

Even when a comfortable position has been found, it is difficult to maintain the proper support as the shoulders tend to push the pillow out of place.

Children don’t know how to do this, so the Cuski pillow provides this vital support. The Cuski Pillow is made of heat responsive visco-elastic memory foam, which has been anatomically designed to:

  • Continuously self adjust to relieve pressure points
  • Mould to accommodate growing shoulders and natural curves
  • Keep the spine correctly aligned, allowing muscles and ligaments to relax
  • Reduce tossing and turning, thus creating optimum comfort whilst your child is sleeping              

Parents, it does make sense to prevent, not create, future back problems in your children.

The Original Cuski Kids Orthopaedic Pillow is protected by a 100% cotton-knitted cover. The pillowslip is made from bamboo which is anti-bacterial and very soft..

Extra pillowslips are available in other colours. A Cuski cotton shopper bag is supplied for carrying the pillow to nursery and sleepovers, print colour will vary.

The Cuski Kids Pillow complies with both BS7175 & BS5852

Suitable from 2 years +
Size: 40cm x 26 cm and 8cm deep 

Please note by required international law our pillows are treated with child friendly fire retardant. This pillow when opened may have a slight odour, which does wear off eventually. The pillows are however washable at 30 degrees cool wash only. Because of the rotation of the washing cycle, the permanent cotton covering may twist slightly, it will just need to be readjusted back into shape.

Some Of Our Reviews:

My 4 year old twin boys have been using their Cuski pillows since they moved from their cribs to the “big boy beds” and they love them. And I feel good that their heads are not buried all night in a big pillow full of dust and allergens.

Thank you - Wendi, USA

My 4 yr old started with a normal pillow and would toss and turn all night, often falling out of bed, but since using your fantastic pillow he sleeps peacefully through the night waking refreshed. My 2 yr old has just been given his pillow and immediately he has stopped his restless movements, now staying in one position, under the covers, sleeping comfortably all night. I cannot recommend this product enough, a must have for all parents whose children roam around the bed all night.

Wonderful! - Clare Tudor

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate you bringing out this new pillow for children. My son has always tossed and turned through the night and wakes up naggy and complains of needles in his small hands. Not anymore! I am so impressed he now sleeps completely through the night and wakes up a happy little boy! It took a week or so to work and its been plain sailing for the last 4 weeks. I cannot recommend this pillow enough - thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Jen C - London

Absolutely brilliant ! I would just like to reiterate what a fantastic product this really is, my daughter tested this product for this years Mother and Baby’s awards and we praised it highly. Jorja normally wiggles in her bed to try and get comfortable, but when using the pillow she stayed in the same position throughout the whole night. The idea of the orthopaedic pillow for children is great, as it will prevent back/neck problems before they occur in later life and I am sure that parents up and down the country will be investing in their childs future by buying this product.

Thank you Cuski for bringing this product to the market and many thanks for giving me the opportunity to test this wonderful product.

Mrs Iona Strachan

No Sleepless Nights

My 3 year old son has not ever complained of a sleepless or restless night since he has had his Cuski pillow at 1 years of age. He is always comfortable and I know he is lying properly - not twisting his neck or back. They are really comfortable. The only thing that stops this pillow getting 5 stars are the pillow cases and the lack of colour or material choice. My son would prefer a 100% cotton cover choice in blue, he says *Why cant his pillow cover be smooth and soft like ours?*

Tania, West Sussex

**New Cuski slips are in the pipe line for you - Cuski Team X



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Sienna - New York
Best pillow ever, before this pillow, my little guy (3 years) did not sleep through the night, he does now and soundly. I recommend the Cuski pillow to all my friends, its a life saver and an essential parenting product! Thanks!
Janine - Wales
My daughter has respiratory problems and does not sleep well at all, catches her breath all the time which wakes her scared as she stops breathing ! She also sleeps with her neck extended to help her....I was advised to try the cuski pillow and i''ll be honest,its the BEST, she now sleeps soundly as her airways are naturally opened by the neck support. (hard to explain) I would highly recommend this item for all children not just children with respiratory problems
Megan C - Arizona, USA
This product is FANTASTIC! I will be honest, I was skeptical at first. And it wasn''t until today (day five) that I realized... my five year old has not had a night time wake-up since she began using this pillow!!! Previously, she woke at least 1-3 times, consistently, EVERY night. She tells me this pillow is "so, so soft" and to see her laying on it, it truly does cradle her head and support her neck much, much better than a standard pillow. Uninterrupted sleep - how WONDERFUL is that?!?! We LOVE it!! Highly recommend.
Anna - Worcester
I leave this review with high praise this pillow is fantastic my daughter who is four loves this pillow she's not the best sleeper in her own room she gets a little unsettled although she still is she has said the pillow is very soft and comfortable it must be as when she does get up in the night and venture to our room she brings the pillow with her to lay on in our bed.. She also brings the pillow downstairs when she wants to just 'Chill' her words =) fab pillow I highly recommend lovely and soft.. I have a happy little lady who loves this pillow.. Thanks cuski.. =)..❤❤❤❤
Francesca - Ireland
We bought this one for my son who is almost 3 and is sleeping in the big boy bed for the last few month. He had one of the pillows we had in the house, nothing special to be honest but he wanted one. Only he was sweating terribly, i'm talking soaking the pillow case. And then would just move the pillow aside in his sleep and do without. We got this one to see if it would be more suitable. Initially I thought it was a bit small, probably the size of half a normal pillow so there's plenty of space on both side when you see on a single bed. But oh boy the difference. No more sweating and despite the fact that it would be even easier than before to sleep beside it, he seems to love it through the night! The memory foam i fabulous, and I love story time with the little one to get myself a bit of Cuski pillow time. I admit, I'm a great fan of this brand, I have not been disappointed yet and i got a lot of products!
Laura - Wales, UK
We love cuski and we love cuski pillow too! When we were looking for our son’s first pillow, just before he turned 2, we were delighted to discover the cuski pillow. It is perfect for protecting little necks and preventing aches and pains from sleeping on an adult sized pillow. We love the fact that the pillowcase is made in the gorgeous cuski material that our little one knows and loves so well. Not only have we bought a second cuski pillow for our son, to rotate with our current one as needed, but we have also thought ahead and bought one way in advance for the new baby we are expecting! Cuski delivery has always been very prompt and customer service excellent. Highly recommended and loved.
Louise - Wrexham
This pillow was a Godsend for my 3 year old who would never settle and I would find him all over the bed, since I bought this he is settled in the same position and getting a good nights sleep at last. Also beautifully packaged with nice extras this is a classy item